Life was grand for eighteen-year-old Tammie; at least, that is what she let people believe.  In her small town of Situate, RI, everyone at her age was doing drugs, drinking, or having sex, all but Tammie, it seemed.  One day she decided to travel with nothing but a small bag and of course, a large […]

A Personal Journey

When I was seventeen, a month prior to being eighteen, I realized that I had a fondness for girls, in the sense that a man may have for one.  I longed to touch and feel the body of a woman lying against me, to feel her mouth on mine and my mouth on her.  I […]


Marissa was walking down the street on an evening in July.  It was a warm night with a cloudless sky, every star shined brightly.  The moon is full and as everyone can see, a huge face smiling back at you.  She heads toward a restaurant to eat.  She is a shapely woman with a wide […]

Spent and Ready

She lays on the bed spent from her afternoon excursion. Cracked a smile and rubs her body still naked. She caresses her sex. she rubs her bosom. she inserts a finger inside her cave.  Arches her hips towards her hand. Moans. She hears rustling in her room. Opens her eyes. To her amazement, Jeff standing […]

The Milkman

It was a morning like any other, stealthily; Steve moves from box to box filling them with sweet goodies. On this day, he arrived at her house. Packing her order, he arrives at her box. Upon opening the box, he sees a note.  The note reads, “Please bring my order into my house.”  Crinkling the […]

Something different

He awakes in the morning. Preparing for his day. Disappointed that his Erotic Angel didn’t come to him last night. Finishing his morning routine he gets into his vehicle. Drives to work. Arrives at work, finds they’re having a meeting. “Blah, blah, blah.” Prepares his orders for the days deliveries. Begins to load his truck. […]